Sidhant Saraogi

PhD Student, Georgetown University


I am advised by Justin Thaler and Alexander Golovnev and part of a budding theory group at Georgetown.

I am interested in exploring the power of various classical and quantum models of computation. Recently, I have been thinking about:

  • unconditional circuit lower bounds against various models of low-depth circuits.
  • various questions surrounding the complexity of algorithms and constructions of classical and quantum codes.
  • algorithms and lower bounds for the AVOID problems which relate to finding explicit constructions for circuit lower bounds, rigid matrices, etc.

Previously, I have been interested in privacy regulation, especially the GDPR. I encourage checking out the excellent Bridging Privacy working group.

I also contributed to (and help setup) the quantum information package of the popular quantum simulation toolbox QuTiP. You can read about my implementation of quantum circuit simulation here.