Sidhant Saraogi

PhD Student, Georgetown University


I am advised by Justin Thaler and Alexander Golovnev and part of a budding theory group at Georgetown.

I am interested in exploring the power of various classical and quantum models of computation. Currently, I am working on the following projects:

  • circuit lower bounds for \(B_2\) and \(ACC^0\) circuits.
  • relationships between various boolean function complexity measures
  • algorithms and lower bounds for the AVOID problems which relate to finding explicit constructions for circuit lower bounds, rigid matrices, etc.

I am also fascinated by the literature on the quantum PCP conjecture and the field of quantum hamiltonian complexity more generally.

Recently, I have also been reading about the scope of anonymization regulation in the GDPR. I hope to contribute to policy research that bridges the mathematical and legal definitions of privacy as part of the Bridging Privacy working group.

Previously, I contributed to (and help setup) the quantum information package of the popular quantum simulation toolbox QuTiP. You can read about my implementation of quantum circuit simulation here.

Publications and Preprints

  1. Pulse-level noisy quantum circuits with QuTiP
    Boxi Li, Shahnawaz Ahmed, Sidhant Saraogi, Neill Lambert, Franco Nori, Alexander Pitchford, and Nathan Shammah
    Quantum Jan 2022
  2. A Principled Approach to Defining Anonymization As Applied to EU Data Protection Law
    Micah Altman, Aloni Cohen, Francesca Falzon, Evangelia Anna (Lilika) Markatou, Kobbi Nissim, Michel Jose Reymond, Sidhant Saraogi, and Alexandra Wood
    SSRN Electronic Journal Jan 2022